From the beginning

So, about a month ago, I started talking to a guy online. He was charming, witty and funny, not to mention tall, dark and handsome. Everything he said was poetic, and I was drawn closer on his every word. We had so much in common, we both wanted to travel and we even planned on doing it together. To me, it felt like we had a real connection and I’m sure he felt it too. There was only one thing keeping us apart, a pretty big thing at that. The North Atlantic Ocean. There were 3771 miles were between us.

We talked online for about 2 weeks before we exchanged phone numbers and we began messaging on WhatsApp. As I am far from a phone person, I didn’t think this would lead to us actually chatting away on the telephone for 6, 7, 8 hours a day! But his voice, oh my! It was amazing and made me feel weak at the knees. As did mine to him, apparently. He found my north English accent sweet and amusing, often getting me to repeat words to him to make him laugh. I always had a smile on my face while talking to him. My friends thought I was crazy. And I knew I was too. He was my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night, as I often fell asleep on the phone to him.

We would watch movies together over the phone, read the news and books to each other, share food recipes, tell each other about our days. It was absolutely perfect. But every time I thought about the distance between us, my heart couldn’t help but sink. I mean, I’m clearly delusional if I think this could work as an actual romantic relationship. I couldn’t expect him to move from the states to England but I couldn’t dread to think about leaving my friends behind for longer than a couple of months while I travelled with him in Thailand.

So there’s a bit of back story to this whole crazy situation. My heart wants this to happen and to work out for the best while my brain tries to tell me to grow the hell up and find someone round the corner. But this guy is just so much different. He’s like a dreamy breath of fresh air on my mind.


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